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Marina Portorož - Slowenien flag: Slowenien

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Logo: Marina Portorož
6320 Portorož
Cesta solinarjev 8
13° 35' 38" E
45° 30' 18" N
Marina Portorož
+386 56761510
IMCI certification:
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Marina Portorož is the first marina built in Slovenia. Planning began as far back as 1974 and the marina was constructed on areas that were once the salt pans of Lucija. Today there are more than a thousand berths available in the sea, on shore and in two hangars as well as the Fazan canal. It is a safe port, a good haven in all winds, located in the protected eastern part of the Gulf of Piran, where the conditions for safe navigation and recreational sailing are stable throughout the year.



T: +386 (0)5 6761 100
F: +386 (0)5 6761 210


Commercial department

T: +386 (0)5 6761 207
F: +386 (0)5 6761 210


Service in der Marina

Berths in sea

Two basins contain 650 berths in the sea, for vessels from 6 to 30 m length, with a maximum draft of 3,8 m, with the possibility to plug in to water and electricity. The vessels are moored to logs planted in the sea bed and stainless steel bits, and are additionally secured by cable moorings. All this provides for safe and simple mooring of yachts. The marina’s infrastructure at the disposal of our guests consists of modern bathroom and toilet facilities with solar energy heating; large protected parking spaces; a fuel station; and a station for disposal of black waters and bilge waste.

Everyday weather forecasts are available at the marina’s reception and the guest may make use of WLAN – wireless internet network.


Shore docks

A large area of land is designated for the storage of up to 300 vessels, with a maximum weight of 60 tons. Safe and comfortable access is possible on two shore access piers (steel constructions) for vessels from 10 to 15 meters length, that also have the possibility to plug in to water and electricity.


Hangar storage

Two vast hangars provide storage for vessels throughout the year, but are used mostly in the winter.


Marina Portorož offers a complete range of various and quality services for the maintenance of hulls, motors, sails and electrical equipment of vessels.

It has three travelling lifts for hauling vessels in and out of the sea, with a load capacity of up to 60 tons. A special mast lift is part of the equipment, the load capacity being of up to 400 kg.


Information and reservations 

T: +386 (05) 6761 209
F: +386 (05) 6761 210

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Touristische Informationen

Portorož is a town in the municipality of Piran, on the north coast of the Piran Bay, where the emphasis is on tourism. It is characterized by numerous hotels, seaside and spa resorts, restaurants, casinos and nightclubs. Marina Portorož, Secovlje saltpans and an international airport for smaller aircraft are located nearby. The position is highly advantageous since it is protected from the north wind, with a lot of sunny days and little rain.